Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to get an idea of a venue before you attend, this is because it can help you pre-plan, understand what is expected of you and avoids you being disappointed. A key example of this is if you turn up in the wrong dress code and are turned away, or perhaps you don’t have the right ticket or entry requirements on the night. To make sure you have the best night possible, here are some frequently asked questions about The Conservatory to help you:

Do you have available Wi-Fi?
No. At the moment there isn’t Wi-Fi available, however there are plans to change this in the future so it could become a possibility.

Are there seats inside?
Currently, the venue is a standing room only, however there are stools and high seating available in the bar area. Unfortunately, due to fire marshal regulations, guests cannot bring seating with them as this could be a potential hazard.

Can I buy tickets at the door, on the day?
In short, yes. However, this is only available if shows haven’t previously sold out. It is better to pre-buy tickets to avoid disappointment.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
While the majority of the venue is accessible to wheelchairs, the restrooms are not because of the restricted corridor size so this could pose some restrictions to those in wheelchairs.

Can I use an e-ticket instead?
E-tickets are very popular and luckily the facilities are there to accept them. That being said, they are not able to be transferred unless previously agreed with a new confirmation email so you will need to bring ID with you on the night.

Can I leave the venue and re-enter?
There is a no re-entry policy, this is to ensure that numbers are accurate and therefore not in violation of permits etc. There are however facilitate smokers so that this does not become an issue and therefore smokers are encouraged to use the designated area out the back available via the back entrance of the venue.

I have a question about my booking what do I do?
You can contact the designated booking department who will deal with any enquiries. Be sure to have your booking number to hand so that they can find it.

Hopefully this has answered any questions you might have. While this is not the official website for the frequently asked questions, it gives an idea and deeper information about what you can expect from the venue itself.