Pick Your Band

Club owners and managers face great tussle when tasked with finding and hosting bands at their small venues. Most of the prominent musicians or band owners are in many ways hard to get or reach. Hosting them at your local club could breathe a new life to your business but the formula of finding the right band and luring them to perform at your local venue might be a nightmare.

Establish Your Theme
This is the first and a very important step in search for the right band for you. Remember to factor in your audience when determining the theme to go by. There are different types of bands with different music. Ensure that you don’t go by the popular band but by your clients taste and age. Some customers may prefer cool music to euphonious music.

Prepare A Hit List
After you have identified your theme, prepare a list of artists or bands that match your theme. It is vital to confirm the availability of the artists for you to cut or reduce the list of bands.

Conduct A Market Survey
Now that you have your list of artists, it’s easy for you to scout the artists. Send your staff with the right specifications of what they will need to listen or personally visit the shows of the listed artists. Be sure to capture the nature of music and the band’s type of fans. You can also search online through Facebook or twitter and understand well the type of bands they are.

Prepare Your Guest List
After you have identified and scouted several bands, now prepare a list of your guests or customers. What does your customers list depict? This will help you in getting the right band for your club. The young people love loud and new music while the older clientele love cool and the music they know.

Venue Plan
Consider the type of audience that can fit well in your venue. After you have your eyes on several bands, select the band that fits your floor plan. Some artists have huge back rooms while others do not.

Once you have done all the above, determine the budget scale of your preferred band. Ensure that all costs are put together to avoid misunderstandings.

Hire Your Band
Now that you have the right band, agree terms of hosting the band in your club.

For you to maximize on the hire, advertise your band. You can agree on a weekly basis what days the band will be at your place. Advertise the band as if it were yours. This will help in ensuring that your customers will be getting the best of your type of music. Put it on your social media, local radio and all other avenues of advertisement available to you. This will also help in capturing more customers.

Regularly Revisit The Agreement
Now that you have the band performing at your club, regularly offer to increase the rates for the band or offer other benefits for their services. This is a way of appreciating their services and keeping them performing at the highest level.