All-Ages Music

Planning an event on any scale is something that has to be meticulously organised to ensure a safe and successful event. If, for example we were going to plan a music event where adults and minors will be present, there are many factors that need to be considered. Here are the aspects you have to take into account:

1. Risk Assessment
Conducting a risk assessment is vital as it looks into the likelihood of harm to those attending. The assessment is there to help reduce and eliminate any risks. Risks that need that need to be considered for this kind of event include:
- Music stage
- Potential of fireworks
- Bouncy castle/ amusement rides
- Marquees / stands/stalls
- Fairground equipment

Each of the above have their own hazards which need to be identified so that appropriate safety precautions can be implemented. Once you have listed any potential hazards you would need to make a list of these and come to a decision as to how you would reduce these risks and what precautions you would take. Without a risk assessment you could be liable for any injuries caused.

2. First Aid
Any first aid facilities need to take into account the number of people that will be attending the event. The first aid areas will need to be clearly marked and have easy access for ambulances. It is worth having the first aid facilities near a telephone access point or a mobile phone service needs to be provided in the event of an emergency.

3. Safety & Security
Security is one area that can be modified to assist parents with minors. Having a ‘lost child area’ and event staff that are highly visible would help where the safety of minors is concerned. Also, you would need to think about the ‘starting and ending’ times of the event to ensure it suits minors and not only adults. Simple signage (perhaps include pictures) is also an aspect to think about so that minors can understand and follow.

4. Alcohol
The consumption of alcohol at any event is common, so being able to determine who is and is not allowed to drink is vitally important. One way in which this can be combatted is by insisting that all over 18’s will need some form of identification to prove their age. Failure to provide the requested ID would mean that alcohol could not be served to that person.

5. Designated Family Activities
When planning your music event take into consideration that you will need designated family activities which suit minors of all ages, for example funfair stalls and rides, bouncy castles, slides etc. You would also need to think carefully about the music acts that will appear on stage to ensure that they are child appropriate.

The above is a basic guide for planning a music event. There are many other factors that you would need to also look into such as insurance, fire and rescue, car parking, litter collection and noise pollution.