About The Conservatory

The Conservatory opened its doors back in 2003, when the owners Dustin Wallace, Jim Paddack and Gianni Santille took over the venue on the North Western Avenue that previously hosted The Green Door, which moved to Bricktown that same year.

With over a decade of runtime, The Conservatory remains a go to place for those who want to listen to some heavier tunes. The dive bar feel of The Conservatory is loved by many, and although the crowd is usually a bit younger, the older hardcore crew are regulars here too.

Working hours are from Sunday to Thursday from 8 PM to 12 AM, and from 8.30 PM on Friday and Saturday. The venue is located on the 8911 North Western Avenue, and is wheelchair accessible. Even though there aren’t many parking options, there is a decently sized gravel parking available behind the venue. You have to be careful about parking anywhere else in the neighbourhood though, as you risk having your car towed away quickly.

Inside, you can enjoy great music -- the acoustic and sound is rather decent but depends on the band a lot, and the floor is always packed. The Conservatory hosts a full bar, and has a great beer and cider selection, but anyone who wishes to indulge in alcoholic beverages needs to show a valid ID. Smoking is not allowed inside, as this is an all ages venue. Those who wish to enjoy a cigarette can do so in a designated smoking area outside the venue.

In 2010, Dustin Wallace organized a fundraiser in The Conservatory, intended for the American Red Cross Haitian Relief effort, and called local bands to help. Oklahoma based bands Stardeath and White Dwarfs, Colourmusic, and The City Lives answered the call and helped raise money for relief efforts.

Performers from all around the World
Many bands performed here, ranging from local bands to world known ones. The event calendar is packed, but bands looking to perform a gig there are always welcome.

In more than a decade, The Conservatory hosted some of the most notable names known to rock and metal fans, like Band of Horses, Melvins, Saving Abel, Mastodon, Unearth, All Shall Perish, Explosions in the Sky, Kataklysm, and more.

Other notable musicians and bands that performed here include Mike Watt, Exene Cervenka, Russian Circles, Goatwhore, Poison the Well, Fair To Midland, Nashville Pussy, Sick of it All, Rose Funeral, among many other. Many bands from other parts of the world, like Naglfar, Vader and MONO travelled all the way there to perform for their fans too. While this is not the official website, hopefully this gives you an idea of what The Conservatory, Oklahoma City is like as a venue and some of the amazing bands that has played there.