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The Conservatory is an all ages venue.

For booking or general information contact us at: info@conservatoryokc.com
Turnover W/ Pillow Talk
Sun 04/20/2014 Doors: 6:00 PM
Pillow Talk
The Fossil Youth
Life Lessons
Thin Skin
  Cult Leader + Youtja + Convert + Citadel
Mon 04/21/2014 Doors: 8:30 PM
Cult Leader

Buho + Tony Molina
Tue 04/29/2014 Doors: 8:00 PM
Tony Molina (Matador Records)

BUHO (TX) ombines influences of noise, shoe gaze, post-punk, the band is rock n roll at its finest.

Oakland's Tony Molina has been in bands for over 10 years (Dystrophy, Ovens, Caged Animal among them), swerving between hardcore and pop. The latter has been the focus of Molina's last couple releases which recall the catchy, crunchy pop of early-'90s Teenage Fanclub and Weezer, albeit with "ch-chunk" metal riffage and twin lead solos thrown in. Monlina knows how to pack a punch too: few of his songs hit the two-minute mark but he still makes room for verse/chorus/bridge/solo/chorus structure.

Molina released a six-song 7" last year as part of Matador's Matador Records' "Singles Going Home Alone" series. He also released the 12-track, 11-minute Dissed & Dismissed 12", originally a very limited release but is getting reissued by Slumberland on March 25.
  Texas In July with Structures
Fri 05/02/2014 Doors: 6:30 PM
Texas In July
Myka Relocate

The Warlocks
Sat 05/03/2014 Doors: 8:00 PM
The Warlocks
Junebug Spade
They Play Wolf

Very little changes in the world of The Warlocks... four years have passed since The Mirror Explodes, three musicians have left the group, three have joined in their place, and despite it all this band is still drifting down an endless twilight road of beautiful but troubling sounds. Key Warlock Bobby Hecksher continues to fashion an aural netherworld where clouds of fuzz and distortion float overhead as the slow but relentless pulse of bass and drums echoes in the distance. Ultimately, the Warlocks only do one thing, but they've learned to do it quite well (or rather Hecksher does it quite well and knows where to get the assistance he needs), and 2013's Skull Worship confirms his obsessions have not changed one bit with time. On Skull Worship, Hecksher (who handles guitar, keys, bass, and lead vocals) is joined by guitarist J.C. Rees (the only other holdover from The Mirror Explodes), guitarist Earl V. Miller, bassist Chris Di Pino, and drummer George Serrano, and the album is a well-crafted exercise in dark psychedelia, recalling the effectively minimal melodies and percussion of the Velvet Underground, the buzzy doomstruck tone of the Jesus and Mary Chain, and the layered guitar tones of My Bloody Valentine, while adding a sinister beauty that's unique to this band. (And the atmospheric production and engineering by Rod Cervera certainly deserve a shout-out.) If Hecksher's lyrics almost seem beside the point (and don't get much prominence in the mix), the sound is inarguably impressive if this is in your wheelhouse at all, especially the march into feedback of "Dead Generation," the narcotic drift of "He Looks Good in Space," and the reverse-gear loops that punctuate the concluding descent into the maelstrom, "Eyes Jam." Skull Worship is fine, satisfying stuff, though it may not suit those who prefer to listen to their music during daylight hours. Judging from this, one might guess it's been ages since Hecksher saw the morning sun of his own volition.
  The Dillinger Escape Plan
Sun 05/04/2014 Doors: 6:00 PM
The Dillinger Escape Plan
Tera Melos
Vattnet Viskar
Jean Jean

Perfect Pussy + Yamantanka // Sonic Titan
Mon 05/05/2014 Doors: 8:00 PM
Perfect Pussy
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan
Green Dreams
Sex Snobs

"These punk kids from the mean streets of Syracuse, New York, deliver high-energy slabs of mayhem-friendly post punk noise, a wall of guitar and Casio. Meredith Graves knows how to run her mosh pit like a dictator runs a birthday party." -Rolling Stone

YT//ST was founded in late 2007 by performance artists alaska B and Ruby Kato Attwood, born from the ashes of the late Lesbian Fight Club. Armed with mixed-race identities, mad illustration skills and a whole pile of home-brew junk electronics, alaska and Ruby wrote and performed the first mini 'Noh-Wave' Opera, 'YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN I' in April 2008. YT//ST continued to perform short homebrewed operas, eventually forming a network of Asian and Indigenous artists through collaboration and formed the current YT//ST collective. The collective functions as a mutating and constantly evolving art cult that brings together individuals of Asian, Indigenous & Diasporic identity to perform/create as a collective. Working in multiple mediums including Installation, Theater, Music, Video, Animation, Illustration and Design, YT//ST negotiate cultural clashes between dominant cultures and those whose traditions are oppressed, erased or being eclipsed. We retell the mythologies, customs and stereotypes of our ancestors with our cartoon bodies as their vessels. We choose to replace colonial representations of ourselves and our histories with our own self-identification. We might dabble in pseudo-occult practices on occasion but they don't seem to do anything.
  Beth Bombara
Wed 05/07/2014 Doors: 8:00 PM
Beth Bombara
+ 2 locals

email to play - info@conservatoryokc.com

Beth began her lifelong flirtation with the languages of melody and song in her teens. From the first time she picked up a guitar, a fire was lit that would carry her out of rural Michigan and on a path to becoming a performer on stages across the nation.

With influences and background in punk, folk, alt-country, indie-rock, and beyond, Beth has evolved from a chord-strumming band member into a lead performer with singular voice, consistently delivering soul-tinged folk-rock with genre-defying lyrics and themes.

Yardsss & Krist Krueger
Thu 05/08/2014 Doors: 8:00 PM
Yardsss & Krist Krueger
+ 2 locals

email to play - info@conservatoryokc.com

Regarding Krist Krueger's Yardsss: If you read about it before listening, you'd likely mistake it for a liberal arts master's thesis. Where most bands play "shows," Yardsss puts on "performance case studies" and multimedia installations, including a collection of songs inspired by-not covers of!-avant-garde composer John Cage. All this could be completely obnoxious except for one thing: Yardsss is transcendentally, earth-shatteringly gorgeous. If you can make music like that, you get to call your show a case study. Yardsss tends toward the dark and droning and bombastic, with heady, swelling orchestrations. Perhaps because human voices appear so rarely and the music is so evocative, it occasionally brings to mind Emeralds' Does It Look Like I'm Here? It doesn't take many listens to understand that Krueger is breaking boundaries not for the sake of being (or seeming) transgressive, but to make sounds that awaken actual feelings-uplifting, inspiring emotions. - Portland Mercury
  In The Whale
Fri 05/09/2014 Doors: 8:00 PM
In the Whale
+ 2 locals

email to play - info@conservatoryokc.com

In The Whale originally formed in the small town of Greeley, Colorado as a fun escape from their main bands. When those bands dissolved, it quickly became their focus, and in February of 2011 they moved to Denver to be a part of the music scene and try to build a legitimate fan base.

Since their move, they have been the name on everyone's lips, as an answer to the current musical climate of too much reverb and not enough balls. The band started 2012 with an EP release show, selling out the Hi-Dive, a 300 capacity venue and the go to spot for up and coming Denver bands. The EP, "Cake," is dirty and aggressive, yet surprisingly light-hearted (think Eagles of Death Metal meets The White Stripes).

With an absolutely undeniable live show and a tenacious work ethic, this local Denver band won't be local for long.

Harp & Lyre Farewell Show
Sat 05/10/2014 Doors: 6:00 PM
Harp & Lyre
Tiger Lily
A Bullet For Pretty Boy
A Sequence Of Ghosts
The Dwelling
Thu 05/15/2014 Doors: 8:00 PM
Grieves (Rhymesayers Entertainment)
Son Real
Fearce Vill

Seattle rapper Grieves returns to deliver his fourth studio album, Winter & The Wolves, on Rhymesayers Entertainment. The insatiable, devil-may-care MC is well known for his meticulous exploration of life, love and loss, through a unique medley of hip-hop and soulful music. Together with B. Lewis, Grieves created 14 new tracks, combining organic pianos and guitars with boisterous synthesizers, to paint a colorful backdrop for his unique blend of rapping and singing.

A reflection on growth and maturity, Winter & The Wolves is about the instinctual fight for survival. It's about suddenly finding that you're all alone, facing countless hindrances to your livelihood, and having the courage to overcome them all. Tackling difficult obstacles like addiction and heartbreak, Grieves wrestles with the realization that life doesn't get any easier as you get older. His signature combination of humor and gloom culminate to depict the struggle of a man's inner turmoil between abandoning the dreams of his youth, and carving out a new path for himself in this world.

Grieves emerged in 2007 with his independently released album, Irreversible, which served as a platform for several years of touring with some of indie-rap's finest; Atmosphere, Macklemore, P.O.S, Brother Ali, Cunninlynguists, and more. He didn't achieve national acclaim until his debut on Rhymesayers in 2011, with the album Together/Apart, which hit #1 on the Billboard Heatseeker's Chart, and #106 on the overall Billboard Top 200 chart. Since then, he's been touring non-stop, headlining multiple national tours with sold-out rooms across the country.

Winter & the Wolves will be supported by full North American and European tours, with a re-developed live show including expanded band and light performances. As Grieves prepares to turn up the heat in 2014, don't find yourself left alone in the cold.

Mirror Travel
Sat 05/17/2014 Doors: 8:00 PM
Mirror Travel
+ 2 locals

email to play - info@conservatoryokc.com

Mirror Travel is a three piece band living in Austin, TX. Lauren and Tiffanie have played together since December 2003. Paul joined the band December 2010.

Notable moments include driving across the desert to play with Bill Callahan, opening for Marnie Stern on Halloween, and playing with with our teen idol Jenny Hoysten.

First full length album, Mexico, was released October 15, 2013 on Modern Outsider.
Wed 05/21/2014 Doors: 8:00 PM
Walking Relic

DOE EYE is the recording project of singer-multi-instrumentalist, Maryam Qudus. Her debut full length record, T E L E V I S I O N, is a living, breathing account of a whirlwind year of transition for the singer. Recorded at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco with producer John Vanderslice, (Spoon, The Mountain Goats, Nada Surf), T E L E V I S I O N follows the success of two EPs and her 2011 stand-out single, "I Hate You."

At 12 years old, Qudus asked for a guitar for her birthday, with a promise to trade chores for lessons. She continued to experiment with music throughout her teens, yet driven by fears of impracticality, Qudus enrolled in a pre-med program. After a year of studying she walked out in the middle of her Trigonometry class, dropped all of her classes that semester and was accepted to the Berklee College of Music for the Fall of 2011.

Originally intended to be a demo for Berklee, the Run Run Run EP found its way to San Francisco's CBS radio station LIVE 105. To her surprise, the music directors at the station loved the song "I Hate You" and started to play it regularly. Momentum began to grow, and soon DOE EYE was getting covered by the likes of FUSE TV, Alternative Press and Billboard.

Unprepared for the sudden recognition and new demands on her time, Qudus found herself flying back and forth across the country, rehearsing a new band for every show, all while studying for classes before and after soundcheck and inside airplanes back to Boston. This transcontinental existence was unsustainable, and Qudus decided to take a break from college and move back to San Francisco.

After only a few weeks back home, Qudus recorded her follow up EP Hotel Fire with producer Vanderslice and the Magik*Magik Orchestra (Death Cab for Cutie, Jonny Greenwood) at Tiny Telephone. Hotel Fire was released in September 2012, with MTV lauding Qudus' "intense, string-soaked arrangement" and "brutally honest lyrics." This success led to her first national tour, playing festivals such as Noise Pop, BFD, Midpoint Music Festival and opening for Chromatics,
Allen Stone and Dan Croll.

In January 2013, Qudus left the inspired city life of San Francisco to take a solitary break in the suburbs and spend a year making a record. As she wrote, the last few years of her life started to spill out on T E L E V I S I O N. Living in 3 different cities within a year, her unexpected success in music and personal heartbreaks weighed heavily on her mind.
Worn out from the deep introspection and emotional honesty Qudus required of herself when writing, she would often turn on the television and zone out into another world. Built around themes of heartbreak, loneliness, love, and death, DOE EYE has grown bold with her expression and willingness to reopen old wounds. T E L E V I S I O N is an analog document of how easy it is to fall into a static state when life gets overwhelming. It's much easier to simply turn on the television.

Sat 05/24/2014 Doors: 8:00 PM
+ 2 locals

email to play - info@conservatoryokc.com

In the summer of 2005, after a series of deaths in the family, Michael Deni left his hometown in New Jersey for San Francisco. He spent the next several months with his guitar and a synthesizer, turning that tragedy into the songs that would soon become the foundation for Geographer. With the additions of cellist Nathan Blaz and drummer Brian Ostreicher, Geographer spent the next year cutting their teeth in the Bay Area, winning over crowds with the heart-pounding epics that make up their debut record, 'Innocent Ghosts'. After being selected one of three 'Undiscovered Bands You Need To Hear Now' by SPIN Magazine and garnering considerable word-of-mouth praise from their energetic live shows, the band signed to San Francisco-based label Tricycle Records, releasing a 7" single for the song 'Kites' in October 2009. 'Animal Shapes' follows up 'Kites', building on the synth-driven aesthetic of the single, while flirting with darker, more esoteric underpinnings. The record merges Geographer's aptitude for crafting beautiful, haunting melodies with textural sounds and polyrhythmic energy, marking an evolution of their distinct style. With the overwhelming response to the release of 'Kites' and 'Animal Shapes', punctuated by a dynamic and engaging live set, the band has already begun to make an indelible mark on the ears of music fans worldwide.
  Sniper 66 + The Shame + Violent Affair + Self Minority + Bloodrush
Fri 05/30/2014 Doors: 7:00 PM
Sniper 66
The Shame (Profane Existence)
Violent Affair (Jailhouse Records)

The Courtneys
Wed 06/11/2014 Doors: 8:00 PM
The Courtneys
+ 2 locals

email to play - info@conservatoryokc.com

The Courtneys drift back to the sound of the early '90s while reflecting a fun-in-the-sun west coast mentality. They deliver a special blend of fuzzy slacker pop that draws comparisons to Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, and The Clean. The musicianship is tight, the hooks are sharp, and the songcraft is dynamic. Courtney Loove's dreamy guitar riffs add a timeless pop element to the punk backbone formed by Sydney Koke's heavy driving basslines, and drummer/lead singer Jen Twynn Payne's snare kick combos. Their music videos have aired on MuchMusic and Rage, and the track "90210" was featured in an episode of MTVs Awkward in May 2013.
  Blood On The Dance Floor With Millionaires
Sun 06/15/2014 Doors: 6:00 PM
Blood On The Dance Floor
Haley Rose
Alice Awaits
Crazy Love Hawk

A Wilhelm Scream / Red City Radio
Thu 06/19/2014 Doors: 8:00 PM
A Wilhelm Scream
Red City Radio
Guest TBA
  Andrew Jackson Jihad
Mon 06/23/2014 Doors: 7:00 PM
Andrew Jackson Jihad
Cheap Girls

Diarrhea Planet
Tue 06/24/2014 Doors: 8:00 PM
Diarrhea Planet
+ 2 locals

email to play - info@conservatoryokc.com

Diarrhea Planet is a six-piece rock and roll band from Nashville, TN. Their sound has often been described as The Ramones holding Van Halen hostage with an arsenal of fireworks and explosives. Diarrhea Planet's four guitarists provide enough riffs to make Jack Black squeal like a schoolgirl, while lead singer Hodan delivers enough hooks to straighten the curl out of Justin Timberlake's hair. In a world of unintelligible lo-fi recording, reverb drenched vocals, and tuneless guitars, Diarrhea Planet aims to put the backbone back into rock and roll.

The band initially formed in the Spring of 2009 with drummer Casey, and two guitarists Jordan Smith and Evan P. Donohue. That fall the band decided to flesh out their sound with bass and a third guitar, adding Mike Boyle and Brent Toler. They self-released the five song EP, Aloha, in November. The album sounded like a mix between an uncontrollable college party and a gut-wrenching Tae Bo workout. With the Mediafire link popping up on a variety of blogs, Aloha became a sleeper online sensation. Perhaps due to the unusual band name, the EP garnered around 1,500 downloads in its first week online. By the time the band took down the Mediafire link early the next year, The EP had collected over 10,000 downloads.

In the summer of 2010, Evan P. Donohue decided to focus on his own music and left Diarrhea Planet. The band quickly adopted shredders Evan Bird and Emmett Miller, generating Diarrhea Planet's most empowering line-up. The band shifted some of their focus from delinquent party rock to slightly more sophisticated songwriting and guitar theatrics that will make every living guitar hero cry out of joy and/or despair. After this change-up, the band played an exhausting amount of local shows. They have opened for acts such as Wavves, Fucked Up, Jeff the Brotherhood, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Defiance OH, Jacuzzi Boys, The Spits, and The Coathangers. They have also played a variety of basements, warehouses, frat bars, and dorm rooms. The overwhelming volume and sheer brutality of their live onslaught satiates those who crave power and thunder, while the meek grovel on the beer-soaked floor. The wall of heavy riffage and intricate shredding infuses audiences with enough electrical energy to stave off sleep for the rest of the weekend. Despite their leanings towards punk and heavy metal, Diarrhea Planet swears by the Bible of pop. With a distinct emphasis on vocal hooks and harmonies, their shows often morph into massive, drunken sing-alongs.
Wed 07/23/2014 Doors: 6:00 PM
Outline In Color
Bring Your Finest
Crazy Love Hawk